Qadesh La Yahweh Press (QLYP) is the publishing branch of Qadesh La Yahweh Assembly (QLYA). The purpose of QLYP is to communicate the truth of Yahweh regarding his plan for mankind and the existence of an afterlife.

We recognize that the true follower of Yahweh will earnestly seek out those things that will help guide one’s quest toward achieving eternal life.

Therefore, QLYA endeavors to furnish evidence through this website as it relates to Yahweh’s sound doctrines as presented in Scriptures to help establish a firm foundation for those trusting in Yahweh and his purpose for mankind. 

Presently, there are three “Publications” by QLYP that are available along with various “Articles” to read and download.

Our “Sacred Days” section contains a calendar of Yahweh’s Festival Days and High Sabbaths for the current year.

We also have a page labeled “Our Tenets” containing summaries of specific doctrinal stances held by QLYA as found in Scriptures.

Be sure to visit the “FAQ” section to receive answers to different questions posed by many as they try to sort out and discern Yahweh’s truth concerning various scriptural issues.

All of our materials are provided free of charge.

“Obtain the truth and do not sell wisdom, instruction,
and understanding.” (Proverbs, 23:23)


04/10/2022 - ​The Yahu Ranger Report, an affiliate website of, has been added to the “Resources” page.

04/30/2022​ - A new “Article” has been added titled Does Hell Exist?

07/07/2022​ - A new “Article” has been added titled Three Heavens in Scriptures

07/14/2022​ - A new “Article” has been added titled The Sacred Ruach

07/25/2022​ - A new “Article” has been added titled Did Enoch and Elijah Die?