Qadesh La Yahweh Press (QLYP) was founded in 1989 by a small bible study group that held weekly Sabbath meetings in Southern California in the late 1970s. The sacred name of our heavenly father, Yahweh, was the initial focal point that everyone acknowledged and accepted as the only name to call on for salvation and eternal life. This study group would later be known as Qadesh La Yahweh Assembly (QLYA).
In 1986, a historical researcher and member of the study group finished his work regarding the route of the Exodus epic found in Scriptures and presented his findings to a fellow member. The research looked solid; however, a trip to Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula, Jordan, and Israel was necessary to verify the conclusions.
In 1987, three study-group members traveled to these four locations to retrace the Exodus route. During this expedition, one of the many places visited was the authentic site of the Israelite Suph Sea (Red Sea) crossing.

As these three researchers continued their trek, they also discovered and validated Mt. Sinai’s actual location in the northwestern section of the Sinai Peninsula. Added support for this finding is confirmed with the description given by the ancient historian Flavius Josephus.

The research team also observed the Festival of Weeks (Pentecost) at Mt. Sinai. They then hiked to the top of the mountain—an arduous and spectacular experience for them.

During the spring of the Sabbath Year of 1988, two of the team returned to Israel to finish their research. At that time, they also observed the Festival of Passover and Unleavened Bread in Jerusalem—another profound experience for them.

Qadesh La Yahweh Press (QLYP) was officially established in 1989. The first book published was titled The Sacred Name Yahweh.

In 1992 QLYP published its second book, The Sabbath and Jubilee Cycle

In 1995 the official website of QLYP was established under the domain www.yahweh.org.

The year 1996 was a Jubilee year, and several members of the study group traveled to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel to retrace the Exodus route, as confirmed in 1987. ​A highlight of the trip was that the members sounded their shofars in Jerusalem during this Jubilee year in the month of Tishri.

In 1998, QLYP published The Festivals and Sacred Days of Yahweh. This book, along with the other two publications, can be downloaded free of charge at ​our Publications page.

In 2019, four members of Qadesh La Yahweh Assembly (QLYA), traveled to Israel to research the ancient location of the Temple of Yahweh and the crucifixion site of Yahushua the messiah. With a high degree of accuracy, QLYA has identified the location of both sites. QLYA understands that this information will be vital during the coming years to help determine the prophecies given by Yahweh regarding the return of Yahushua the messiah, and the First Resurrection, which ​comprises the 144,000 elect and 24 elders.

Throughout the past, certain individuals of QLYA have met with members of various Sacred Name groups and shared their findings based upon Scriptures and other supporting testimony. In addition, QLYA recognizes the prophetic times we are presently living in and, by utilizing QLYP, continues to provide the necessary evidence for proving and teaching Yahweh’s sound doctrines as found in Scriptures.

For a summary of foundational positions held by QLYA, please click on this link: Our Tenets .

Also, refer to our Mission statement, which describes our goals toward helping Yahweh establish his government on earth.

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